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Voice Carrier is a licensed telephone company providing Better Phone Service to thousands of happy customers for over a decade.

All our services save you a lot of money. We have the best price. We have the best service. We have the best customer service. 

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Keep Your Doors Open
Voice Carrier Enables Your Remote Workers

All your workers can work remotely—Today!

Free Included Conference Bridges

Every Voice Carrier account includes 25 conference bridges at no extra charge. Join calls with available toll free and overseas telephone numbers. For calls with more than 10 participants, we recommend our separate paid Web Conference service.

Web Conferences

Fully integrated with your office. Get high-quality conference calls, video calls, and screen sharing. Includes scheduling assistance, meeting note taking, screen sharing, meeting recording, and instant messaging.

Mobile App

Chat with private messages with one or more people. Connect face to face with video calls. Join meetings and view your meeting schedule.

Larger Meetings

Our separate full featured paid service includes scheduling assistance, meeting note taking, screen sharing, meeting recording, and instant messaging.

Live Events

Large meetings, webinars, company-wide events, and presentations with up to 10,000 attendees inside or outside your organization.


We are the ONLY company that can port ANY US telephone number.

Dial Tone

Lower your telephone bill--a lot. Keep your PBX and telephones. No rewiring. Installed in less than a day.

SIP Trunk

Competitive prices on calls over the internet.

Cloud Hosted PBX

Replace your office telephone system with a system that runs on our machines. No onsite PBX.


Works with your onsite system. Or, get our fully hosted Hospitality solution. We have the only fully hosted system in the world. No money up front!



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Make new MRR from your current and past customers Right now, everyone needs to save money on their phone bill. Save your customers a LOT of money. Saving them money makes you money--every month. It’s easy--very, very easy. Easy to sell, fast and easy to install.

Services and Products

Do they have a PBX? Replace their telephone service with Voice Carrier.
Or, sell them a new hosted telephone system.


We are the leader in Hospitality telephone service. On site and remote systems. We have the only fully hosted hospitality system in the world. There are no up-front costs.


Steve, Christina, Bruce and our entire support team are right HERE in the United States, ready to give a hand 24/7/365. Look at our ratings on Google.